Drug Information Centre

About Society

The Drug Information Center has been established in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Science Hospital, Ongole (Block No 9A) to acquaint the students with the role of DIC for answering questions of health care team and also to acquaint them with the needs required to initiate self community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy DIC. The DIC provides information to students on pharmaceutical or medical topics which help them to write projects, essays, review articles for research and knowledge. DIC also helps in teaching of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care Courses and also in writing of the Graduation project.

The DIC of the college has computers with Internet connections, primary literature, CD-ROMS and also reference books like USPDI, Martindale, PDR and internal medicine and BNF.

The DIC is equipped with drug Information Data base DioneĀ® from Wolters Kluwer Health with the help of Pharmacy OneSource Community.