Pharmacy Practice

About Society


The mission of the Department of Pharmacy Practice is to educate students and physicians, advance research, bring quality patient care, and provide service to the medical & paramedical profession.


The vision of Department of Pharmacy Practice is to impart patient care through student and physician education by integrating promising models of teaching, clinical practice and service.

Clinical Facilities

  • MOU with Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, Ongole for ward -round
  • Patient counseling aids
  • Drug Information Center in RIMS ongole
  • Patient Education materials
  • Adverse drug reaction monitoring cell
  • Community Pharmacy services

Ongoing Activities

  1. Case studies & case presentation
  2. Clinical studies –Adverse drug reaction monitoring
  3. Drug information services
  4. Intervention
  5. Patient Care
  6. Patient Counselling
  7. Prescription analysis