About Society


The Mission of the Department of Pharmacology is to carry out world-class scientific research and evidence-based teaching, expanding on our track record of innovation and excellence in both research and teaching.


The Vision of the Department of Pharmacology is to be a top-ranked research intensive academic Department in the disciplines of Physiology and Pharmacology in India.

List of Facilities

  • Actophotometer
  • Aerators
  • Analgesiometer (Eddy’s hot plate)
  • Centrifuge
  • Digital Balance
  • Digital pH meter
  • Dissection Tray and Boards
  • Electro Convulsiometer
  • Haemocytometer with Micropipettes
  • Hutchinson’s spirometer
  • Micro centrifuge
  • Microscopes & Permanent Slides for various tissues
  • Models for various organs & Bones and Skeleton
  • Perspex bath assembly (single unit)
  • Physical /Chemical Balance
  • Plethysmograph
  • Pole climbing apparatus
  • Rotarod Apparatus
  • Sahli’s haemocytometer
  • Sherrington’s Kymograph Machine
  • Spygmomanometer & Stethoscope

Ongoing Activities

  1. Toxicology studies
  2. Bio assays
  3. Animal modelling
  4. Behavioral studies
  5. Cardiovascular experiments
  6. Diabetic models
  7. Anti ulcer and anti inflammatory activities
  8. Anti oxidant activities